Occupation  : Recognized apprenticeship

Type of training :  Dual training in the hospitality industry (regulated through training regulation)

Duration of training :  3 Years

Learning   :  Training company and vocational school (dual Education)

What do you do in this job?

Chefs do all the work that goes with making food. When you have a meal plan, buy, prepare or store them if necessary. They organize the work processes in the kitchen and ensure that the dishes are finished on time and in the correct order.

In smaller kitchens, chefs cook, roast, bake and garnish all dishes themselves. In commercial kitchens, they usually specialize in the preparation of certain dishes, such as side dishes, salads or fish and meat dishes. Her job also includes calculating prices and advising guests.

 Where do you work?


Cooks find employment

  • in kitchens of restaurants, hotels, canteens, hospitals, nursing homes and catering companies

Places of work:

Cooks work primarily

  • in kitchens
  • in warehouses and cold rooms

In addition, they may also work

  • in guest rooms
  • in offices


What is important?



  • Organizational skills, ability to work in a team (e.g. coordinating work processes in the kitchen, assigning and guiding staff)
  • Care and sense of responsibility (e.g. when working hygienically in the kitchen, when complying with food law regulations)
  • Skill and a good physical constitution (e.g. when cutting and filleting meat or fish, e.g. when working while standing)
  • Creativity (e.g. when putting together dishes, when serving)

School subjects:

  • Mathematics (e.g. when calculating and converting proportions in recipes)
  • German (e.g. when receiving and looking after guests)
  • Chemistry (e.g. knowledge of food chemistry and hygiene for handling food)
  • Home economics (e.g. when preparing meal plans and preparing dishes)

 What do you earn in apprenticeship?

Exemplary training allowances per month (depending on the federal state):

  • 1st year of training: € 625 to € 815
  • 2nd year of training: € 675 to € 930
  • 3rd year of training: € 775 to € 1,065