The choice of the training organization is decisive for the quality of training that one wishes to have.
Here are some criteria to consider when choosing a training organization:

Training center known and recognized for its quality.
The reputation of the training center is a criterion to consider in your choice. Viewing the opinions of participants left on the web is one of the best ways to measure the satisfaction of students in this organization.

Competent trainers
The skills and pedagogical qualities of the trainers play a key role in the success of the training and the motivation of the students. It is important that the trainer profile is adapted to the training needs.

Clear educational objectives
When choosing continuing education, make sure that the learning objectives are clearly presented and that they are in line with your training needs. The objectives of the training must be easily identifiable.


LVTI has positioned itself over time as a reference and excellence training center for its commitment and application to provide quality training to learners. What is justified by the few qualities it has endowed:

1- The meaning of pedagogy
The meaning of pedagogy is essential to be a good trainer. Transmission is not enough in itself, LVTI to ensure the good acquisition of lessons to students. Depending on the reaction of the students, the formations are adjusted to be adequate to their perception.

2- The knowledge of his audience
Because mastering the turns and outlines of the languages ​​taught, at LVTI, teachers are able to adjust the method and refine the program in the best conditions to meet specific needs and / or tailor-made.

3- Updating the regulations
Few training courses can remain relevant for many years without being adapted. Regulations may change from year to year. Techniques evolve, audiences change, and work environments change. This is how LVTI is changing the content and supports of its training, and updates the new laws and regulations to take into account for foreign language learning and immigration procedures.

4- Availability to students
Availability to students is essential even these courses are sometimes short. Whenever possible, LVTI knows how to make itself available to take stock with students and trainers, on skills learned, points to work.