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Do you have questions about your educational and professional orientation? Here are some answers …


Do not you know what job to do in Germany? You have no idea about the training that would suit you?

  1. Consult our method for successful orientation!
    In 4 stages, we propose you a plan of attack to help you build, step by step, your professional project and find the orientation which will suit you.
  2. Research trades according to your interests.
  3. Research trades based on school subjects that you like to study.
  4. Refine your choice of orientation with our free orientation tests!

Do you already have ideas of trades or sectors of activity that would interest you?

  1. Research trades according to your interests.
    To know everything about the trades and sectors that interest you: daily, studies recommended, qualifications required, opportunities, salary …
  2. Consult the testimonials related to the professions that interest you:
    • Portraits of pros
    • Portraits of students
    • Portraits of apprentices
    • Portraits of trainees

    Some even agreed to answer your questions about their job, their studies, their internship …!

  3. Research information on the courses and diplomas needed to achieve your goals.
  4. Make sure you make the right choice with our free orientation tests!
  5. Do internships to discover the daily life of the job that you like and to be able to Portraits of pros.

The Guidance Counselor helps you in your choices for educational guidance with confidence. College students, high school students or students, school guidance is a key topic: asking the right questions is essential to find your way. Making an Orientation Assessment is a constructive step to help you define your career plan. Guidance counselors accompany you according to your tastes and motivations. Find now a school guidance center near you for a review.

Assistance with visa procedures

Student, / Training / Aupair / Volunteering / Entrepreneurship / Employment

Visa applications from Germany require a thorough administrative procedure, a fairly good organization and a reliable orientation.

How about entrusting us with this task to make your life easier: Form, appointment and the whole process, you will be sure that everything will happen in the best conditions, without wasting time.

  1. Advice
  2. Appointment with the consulate
  3. Documents required
  4. Completed forms
  6. Reception in Germany and monitoring during the stay

Support for job search / Internship or training in Germany


Looking for a job, but find too few offers? You are applying, but get few answers? You have some interviews, but they do not lead to anything concrete? …

Job search, pre-registration at university, internship or vocational training in Germany can quickly become a test. To financial difficulties can be added personal problems that do not facilitate the serene search for a job. In the very interesting economic context in Germany, many sectors of activity in crisis of staff push the employers to recruit easily when the follow-up is well organized.

And if that was the key? And if you were the ideal candidate? Motivated, competent, reliable, stable, confident, flexible?

Recruiters or universities have the same needs as you: they want to put the right person in the right place. This coaching aims not only to put you in situation to find a job, internship, pre-registration at the university, professional training quickly, but also and above all to facilitate integration.


What is “recognition” of my profession, and why may I need it in Germany? How to apply for recognition and how does the recognition procedure take place? Do I need to provide documents on my professional qualification? What if I can not get recognition? We answer these questions in the following pages.


With professional recognition, you show your employer at what level your professional qualification is equivalent to a German professional degree. The certificate of recognition confirms it legally. For some professions, full recognition is mandatory. The recognition of your professional qualification obtained abroad allows you to increase your chances of having a good job.

Do you have a foreign professional qualification and you want to practice your profession in Germany? So you can or must have your foreign professional qualification recognized. The recognition of a foreign professional qualification means legal equivalence with the equivalent German professional qualification. If you are a national of a third country, recognition may even be an important criterion for your immigration project in Germany.

For some professions, full recognition is a legal requirement, for example for doctors, teachers and educators. These are the regulated professions.


This short film explains the ins and outs of the new regulation as well as the first steps of the recognition procedure.


Everyone has the right to initiate a recognition procedure. This legal right is based on the law of the recognition of foreign diplomas of the federal government and the laws of the Länder. The main requirement for initiating a recognition procedure is that you have obtained a state-recognized professional qualification in your home country and can be proved by providing certificates (eg a diploma of completion) and possibly other documents. Recognition procedures are handled by the competent centers.


Better chances for your application

Recognition of your professional qualification brings you many advantages because if the recognition procedure is positive, thanks to the certificate of recognition, a potential employer can better understand and evaluate your professional qualification and your application, whether the recognition is total or partial .

A job that matches your qualification

The recognition of your professional qualification allows you to increase your chances of finding a job that corresponds to your professional qualification. This not only benefits your career, but also your salary: you continue to practice your profession and you continue to grow.


The recognition of foreign professional qualifications is an important step towards meeting the need for skilled labor in Germany. Germany needs the knowledge and skills of immigrants, which is a good reason to come here.

The recognition of foreign professional qualifications promotes the integration of immigrants into German society. At the same time, the law on the recognition of foreign diplomas also symbolizes the valorisation of immigrants’ trajectories.

We assist people wishing to work in Germany in the recognition of their qualification.