• Study abroad?

    Training for study stay

    Study abroad?

    Do not worry if you do not speak the language of the country of study. LVTI to a specific program for you.

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  • Go around the world?

    Training for tourists stay

    Go around the world?

    Visit the 7 wonders of the world and discover the culture of other countries is even more enjoyable when you can interact with you interlocutors in all ease.

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  • Difficulty learning new languages?

    Teaching method

    Difficulty learning new languages?

    With years of experience and a careful selection of teachers, LVTI has been able to find effective models of learning that ensure a good assimilation of training.

  • What training format?

    Course type

    What training format?

    To adapt to your preferences, LVTI offers courses in face-to-face, online and fast-track. The didactic support made available to you for each format can only make you happy

Online course

What do we mean by that?

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Classes course

What do we suggest?

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Private lessons

What do we suggest?

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Our trainings

We offer training and courses for the most popular languages

Prepa Volunteering

MY ENGAGEMENT. To engage in solidarity, we can be “voluntary”. What does this status mean?…

Preparatory study

The essential thing to know about the conditions of admission, the duration, the organization and the…

German courses and other…

Language training Specialist in language training for over 7 years, we allow you to progress at your…

Prepa Aupair

Registered host families and aupairs are committed to respecting the philosophy of aupair stay. This…

Prepa Professional Training…

LVTI’s mission: to prepare you for employment or vocational training in Germany. For more than…

Job in Germany

Vorbereitung auf eine Berufsausbildung in Deutschland LVTIs Aufgaben: Sie auf eine Anstellung oder eine…


Was macht man in diesem Beruf? Tischler/innen stellen Schränke, Sitzmöbel, Tische, Fenster und Türen,…


Gerüstbauer/innen rüsten Fassaden mit Arbeits- und Schutzgerüsten ein. Sie wählen die erforderlichen…


Maurer/in Maurer/innen stellen Rohbauten für Wohn- und Geschäftsgebäude her. Zunächst betonieren…


Fleischer/innen beurteilen die Fleischqualität, zerlegen das Fleisch in Teile, bereiten es zum Verkauf…


Occupation  : Recognized apprenticeship Type of training :  Dual training in the hospitality industry…


Berufstyp:  BerufstypAnerkannter Ausbildungsberuf Ausbildungsart Duale Ausbildung im Gastgewerbe Ausbildungsdauer …

Romance language

Italian (Italian: italiano) is a language belonging to the group of Romance languages of the Indo-European…

Romance language

Spanish or Castilian is a Western Romanesque language native to the Castile region of Spain and today…

Romance language

French is a Romance language of the Indo-European family. He descended from the vulgar Latin of the…

Germanic language

English is a Western Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now a…

Germanic language

German is a Western Germanic language mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most spoken and official…

Explore all courses

You have the opportunity to choose a foreign language course according to different criteria.

Why choose us?

LVTI is a training and preparation center for studies or work abroad. His first commitment to candidates is to support and support them in the development of their language skills and the calibration of their profile for the post abroad.

Diversified offer

We offer various programs tailored to the needs of each learner.

Offer adapted to the environment

We offer a learning environment adapted to the environment.

Key to success

We distinguish ourselves by the number of students learning their language diplomas.

Innovative ideas

We offer innovative ideas that go into the reality of learning.


We conduct research reviews to improve the quality of our teaching.

The library

We have well-designed libraries with a large number of books.

Who is our training for?

We provide varied and dedicated training for situations commonly encountered on a daily basis.


Date of creation of LVTI


Languages taught


Training per year


Finalised project

Qualified supervisors

Because your satisfaction is our main goal, you can count on the LVTI team to support you throughout the learning process.
Our professors are university-level graduates and have proven experience in teaching their language, as well as an excellent knowledge of their culture. They are passionate and motivated to make you discover the subtleties and curiosities of the language.

Testimonials from former students

At the end of each training, we ask our students to complete a training evaluation. Below are some examples of recent testimonials and reviews.

I enjoyed my teachers. I found very generous and caring people at LVTI, which usually comes from the fact that the person in charge of the center is a very experienced person in the field. I would like to thank the head of the center, all the teachers and all the other learners.

Student (Cameroon), July 2017

Hello, I would like to encourage other students like me who would like to pursue their studies abroad, to choose LVTI to learn the language of the host country, where they would like to study. I was very satisfied with the quality of the courses and the availability of the teachers. For me it was a very nice experience, because I always found learning a new language very difficult.

Student (Cameroon), September 2017

I am very satisfied with the language courses in the field of health that I did LVTI. I could not hope for better because my training went very well in my host country. I can understand and communicate with my colleagues, in short I am very fulfilled in my job. I would like to advise anyone who wants to train in the field of health abroad to approach FSIO to learn the language spoken in the host country.

Nurse Student (Germany), July 2017

I found learning super, can learn at my pace. There is a real follow-up and I am very satisfied with the courses and corrected practice cases. For a distance learning, I could not wait better. The proposed schedule is perfectly feasible depending on availability of each. They have many tools (live, video etc ..) that they provide us with and that contribute to a good learning and a good assimilation of courses. To recommend LVTI.

Student (India), August 2017

Upcoming Sessions and Events

Consult the next training sessions close to you and register.