Frequently Asked Questions


Some answers to your questions

How to learn languages ​​effectively?

Learning a language is a fairly complex process that requires repetition and work to acquire automatisms.

For the employee, it is important to settle in a regular rhythm favorable to learning and assimilation.
For this reason, we recommend that you take language classes once or twice a week for each 1h30 or 2h session and avoid too long interruptions, so as not to forget what you have learned.

Regarding the recommended number of hours to progress in language, 20 hours of training is a minimum to achieve results and significant progress:

Indeed, our experience indicates that, in general, students need a little time (4 or 5 classes) before “going into” training and feeling comfortable. For many, studies are a distant memory and need to become acclimated again to the learning process.
Moreover, even though our language courses and our trainers are very effective, it is necessary to spend time on your shortcomings and on the points you want to work on.
We can consider that a training lasting from 30h to 60h spread over 4-5 months is optimal to obtain significant results (which represents about 2 to 4 hours of training per week).

Are there language courses for beginners?

Of course ! Our courses are perfectly adapted to beginners, whatever the language. With LVTI, it is a real learning of language structures and not just a conversation. And besides, 47% of our trainees start with a low level (beginner and elementary). Do not worry, our trainers are used to working with beginners in languages ​​and will make you feel comfortable from the first lesson.

Will your trainings be effective for writing?

Absolutely ! At LVTI, you study the four aspects of a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. You work with a manual and you have exercises to do. Our language training is supplemented by a tutored training, which corresponds to a personal work phase based on written exercises and the use of a manual. Learning is global and focuses on all aspects of language.

Are your trainings adapted for a specific vocabulary?

At LVTI, we have more than 10 years of existence as a language training organization. From our experience and for greater efficiency, we base the content of your language course on your needs, not only in grammatical structures, but also in professional and technical vocabulary.

How long is a training session?

Each lesson lasts 25 minutes, and the duration of a language course varies between 20 and 120 hours. Each course is completed by a tutored training session (individualized personal work) of about 25 minutes, which is pedagogically fundamental for memorization and is an integral part of the course.

What can I expect from language classes?

Our main goal is to get you to take a liking to the language.
The focus is on the progression of the participant’s language level. This includes improved levels of oral expression and comprehension, but also, especially in intensive programs, written levels. All this according to the starting level of the participants of the group and taking into account the objectives expressed by each one of them at the beginning of formation.

How do you guarantee the quality of language courses?

The quality of our training is ensured by our Pedagogical Service and by the high standards that we impose for the selection of our trainers. We favor trainers who have received higher education training and have teaching experience in the field of education.