Compared to online training or alternation training,  the present/reel training is based on teachers and students meeting ( In school and takes place in a class room)

The language training programs take place in our institutions in different countries and the classes are given by professional teachers and trainers.

Present classes concern adults who can find time to come to classes.These classes are organised in the morning in our schools all over the world. If the students or  the worker/ employee  have time they can eventually particpate in our daily or night classes.

The reel or present classes have many advantages; you get to meet your teachers face to face with an easy and personalised training program and it makes contact and any question  easy to ask in case you have any difficulty. The present/reel classes is offered particularly for adults for whom complete autonomie during training is an obstacle. Here the programs are organised to permit to young adults , adults to easily learn a language in a good enviroment  where they can exchange idears amongst each other, help each other and  learn faster.

The present/reel school imply a fixed time table and a fixed price that should be respected for a perfect training.